India continues to reel under the terrorist attacks with a series of bomb blasts in Delhi today killing over 18 persons and injuring over 90 persons.

As in the earlier occassions there is an e-mail from the Indian Mujahiddeen claiming responsibility for the blasts.

 Indian Government is clueless on the strategy to prevent such terrorist attacks.

Since such attacks are not possible without the active cooperation of the local persons, there is need for strict vigilance. The current Government has completely failed to show the resolve to take control of the situation.

The key to solving such cases lies in how the Muslim community cooperates with the Government. As long as Indian Muslims are more loyal to the religion than the need to prevent terrorism, terrorism will continue in India or elsewhere.

Since real Muslims always say that their religion is against such inhuman acts, it is open to them to denounce these acts in the name of Allah as un Islamic and proceed with a community action to prevent terrorists being supported by the local community.

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