After finding explosives and about 1000 USD worth of Iraqi money in a stolen car in New Mexico, the FBI has ruled out terrorism.


Yep, according to, a news station in New Mexico, the police found a stolen car, about $1000 worth of Iraqi money, and an explosive device in a car in Los Lunas, which is southwest of Albuquerque. Los Lunas Police Captain Charles Nuanes said, “We don’t know what their intentions were. We don’t know what they were planning on doing with any of this.” 

Maybe they were planning to blow something up?

While no one knows exactly what the plan was, we can safely say this: someone with Middle Eastern connections good enough to be paid in Iraqi money wanted to blow something up.

Some might decry that Middle Eastern does not necessarily equal Islamic, but let’s face it. The Jihadists are the ones who have declared jihad. Jihad means war.

The US is threatened by Islamists infiltrating the Western border. See this story on the planned terrorist attack on Fort Huachuca in southern Arizona.

 TK Kenyon is the author of RABID and CALLOUS: Two philosophical novels about science and religion, with some sex and murder.

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