News comes today that John Bolton, aware that Senate confirmation to make his appointment permanent is now unlikely, has announced he will step down as United Nations Ambassador. Bolton’s resignation will be met with joy and large pleasure by his enemies, who feel that he has been too confrontational and abrasive during his tenure at the U.N. But before those who dislike Bolton, to the point of getting their shorts all wadded up, are given all the headlines, it might be worthwhile to consider why his no-nonsense approach at the U.N. makes a great deal of sense.

Many Americans feel we should get out of the United Nations now. Not only because it is a forum for some of the most despotic leaders in the world, and has done little to promote world peace, but because it also costs U.S. taxpayers millions of dollars a year to maintain that Taj Mahal of a headquarters in New York City. Many foreign members haven’t paid of a dime of their “dues” so far, leaving the U.S. to pick up their tab. The U.S. has become, in effect, a defenseless landlord.

But more important than money is the fact that the U.N. is a “safe harbor” of sorts for declared enemies of the United States. They use the free print and broadcast forums provided by the U.N. to criticize and vilify America in every conceivable way. Bolton has not been unaware of these antics. He has described North Korea’s Kim Jong-il as a tyrant and a dictator, and had equally unflattering things to say about Iran and its leadership.

If John Bolton is guilty of anything, it is calling the world’s attention to the fact that the United Nations is an international hangout for corrupt regimes with countless human rights violations. The inefficiency and blame-America orientation of many U.N. members are liabilities that Bolton has frequently highlighted in his presentations.

Nearly half of all Americans feel that the U.N. has done little to contribute to world peace or mediate major conflicts. Nor do they feel they are “citizens of the world” as a result of participation in the U.N. Rather, they feel that by allowing certain morally depraved members of that body to engage in America-bashing at each session, rejecting all U.S. proposals regardless of their merits, and dominating the decision making process, it weakens the sense of national identity among many U.S. citizens.

Consider this incident, then decide if we need a U.N. ambassador who is less confrontational: Iran recently announced that it is going ahead with its program to enrich uranium – the basic material for making nuclear weapons. The U.N.response? It made Iran vice-chair of the United Nations Disarmament Commission!

Good-bye John Bolton. Some day you’ll realize that the idiotic members of the Senate actually did you a favor.

– Chase.Hamil



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