Previously published in the anthology titled The Best of the Best” in 1998, the short story Headaches and Bad Dreams features two frequent plot elements familiar to any reader: murder and psychics. What author Lawrence Block does with these two common elements makes this short story far different than most.


Sylvia Belgrave is a psychic. Not one of those fake celebrity psychics one sees on television that has plenty of money. She is the real deal and charges her clients low prices because she wants to help people. Her desire to help as well as a need to rid of her severe headaches and bad dreams leads her to contact the local police because she may be able to help with the case of a missing little girl.


This is not a simple and straightforward tale. Deftly weaved into Headaches and Bad Dreams is a backstory worthy of a novel as well as multiple current day storylines. The result is a complicated tale that may very well surprise you with its outcome.


Headaches and Bad Dreams (A Story From The Dark Side)

Lawrence Block

Self Published

July 2011

ASIN: B005BY442K

E-Book (estimated print length 30 pages)




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