My wife likes to watch the local news, each afternoon we get a healthy dose of news from New Orleans. One can only stand so much of the political corruption stories, lets face it, you can go to any large city to find them, the names change, but the story remains the same.

For several weeks I have been paying attention not to the political corruption but the much more mundane subject of the weather. I do not believe that it is possible to find a more concerned and animated weather person than Margaret Orr on WDSU. This lady puts her heart and soul into every rain drop. A quick glimpse at her in action says it all.


The big question in my mind is… whats wrong with Bogalusa? I have never been there, but I am sure it is a great place. For the folks at WDSU though it seems to get a short shrift. After Margaret had given us the weather sermon, up came the local map. As usual all of towns apart from poor Bogalusa had the current temperature computer generated. But not Bogalusa. This was hand written.


And a quick sweep of the pretend weather radar later, it is gone!


What is it about Bogalusa that is causing this obvious disparity in weather reporting? Doesn’t Bogalusa rate a computer generated temperature? For weeks I have watched the same story unfold. I think that it is unfair.

Obviously Margaret Orr was as excited as I was when Bogalusa suddenly reappeared.


Simon Barrett

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