There simply is nothing quite like Paris in the Summer, and aircraft enthusiasts get a bonus: The Paris Air Show. Held every other year, the convention is considered the largest exhibit of its kind, and everyone who is anyone in aeronautics has a booth.

Maybe it’s home field advantage or maybe they’re just marketing better these days, but French plane maker Airbus has certainly gotten the jump on international rival Boeing. Conflicted early reports have first day sales to American carrier US Airways alone at over $10 billion. Other day one buyers included Qatar Airlines, Emirates and Jazeera Airways.

One deal still on the table for Emirates is whether to buy Boeing’s state-of-the-art carbon-fiber Dreamliner or the Airbus competition, a traditionally constructed A350 WXB. Emirates has already indicated it will be an either or choice, not a “some of this -some of that” purchase.

I can almost understand why oil magnate countries like Qatar and Emirates would turn their noses up at the Dreamliner: its biggest selling point is the super-efficient combination of lower weight (from carbon-fiber construction) and fuel miserly power plants. However outside the oil-rich nations, Boeing’s 787 family of planes is sure to be a hit. And you thought Americans could only waste energy!

In related news, a Rolls Royce spokesperson at the air show reports the largest ever sale for its civil aerospace division. Qatar placed a $5.6 billion order for Rolls Royce engines with deliveries beginning in 2013.

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