paulette_nota.jpgFour year old Paulette Gebara Farah disappeared sometimes in the night on March 21, 2010.  Lisette Farah told TV reporters that she had put her daughter to bed that night in their home in Huixquilican, which is an upscale suburb of Mexico City. The next morning one of her Nannies reported that Paulette was not in her room.

Paulette’s parents are apparently wealthy people. They told the police that the child has difficulty in walking and talking. They sent out photos of the little girl wearing a princess dress on billboards and flyers all across Mexico City, which happens to be an area that occasional reports of child stealing has put the fear in many parents.

During their investigation, there were no signs of forced entry anywhere in the home. Paulette’s parents, Mauricio Gebara and Lissette Farah, and two nannies were brought in for questioning after there had been conflicting statements given to the police. Gebara and Farah have both been held in custody due to the inconsistencies in they told in their statements and will remain there until they are cleared up.

Lissette Farah pleaded for whoever took her daughter top please to return her during a news conference that was held outside their apartment building Sunday night. She said:

“Please, I’m desperate. Half of my heart has been taken.”

Wednesday, ten days after Paulette’s parents reported her missing and a public campaign was launched to search for her, the four year old was found. Mexico State prosecutors spokesman Alfredo Albiter, said they found her in her own bedroom. She was inside a piece of furniture.

One report says she was found in a plastic bag between the mattress and the base of her own bed.

He did say an autopsy is being performed so they can determine the cause of her death. They say foul play is suspected. I mean how can they not think this? This child that was disabled could not have possibly put herself in a plastic bag and then in between the mattress and the base of her bed. Someone had to have put her there. I can’t imagine it being nothing but some foul play and I pray to God that they find the person who did this to her.

Paulette Gebara Farah may you rest in peace.

Jan Barrett

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