Police in Ontario, Canada have found what they believe to be the bodies of a couple that disappeared 50 years ago. On May 29th, 1956 Allan and Margaret Campbell were last seen as they left to take a short trip on their boat. They were supposed to be home by the time their youngest daughter, Joan Van Mierlo who was then only 10 years old, returned from school. She never saw them again though and over the last 50 years had given up hope of even seeing them again. Recent media reports however have sparked new leads and police have found a wrecked boat that matches the description of the boat the Campbell’s were boating in that day and two bodies. The bodies are unidentifiable right now but the police plan to test for positive identification.

Due to the fragile nature of the boat and outboard motor’s current condition, the police may never be able to salvage them without damaging them further and completely destroying any chance of an investigation into the accident. “That would be the last thing to come out because that’s really going to disturb the bottom when you try and pull it out… With the suction and the silt, we may not be able to pull it out. The priority thing is getting the bodies out. All the clothing. Anything they can find. Anything that will identify the bodies. The rest is a bonus after that.” Said North Bay OPP Sgt. Joe Strba

Bodies of couple found 50 years later (The Star)

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