Jesus DominguezThursday afternoon, the Roswell Police Department in Georgia received a call in which they responded to from the 200 block of 260 Old Holcomb Bridgeway. Once they entered the apartment they found a woman, Sandra Rivera Ruiz,who was alive but was unresponsive. Police Chief Rusty Grant said, “We believe she may have been strangled and also had facial injuries.” She was taken to North Fulton Hospital and was listed in serious condition.

While investigating they found out that Ruiz’s 4 year old son, Jesus Dominguez was no where to be found. They came to the conclusion that he was with his father, Carlos Alberto Dominguez who was also considered as a suspect in the case, Grant said, “We realized after further investigation that the child could be in danger.”

CarlosOn Friday about a half-mile from the home of where the child lived, in a wooded area the police discovered the bodies of a child and a man who although they had not been positively identified, the police say it appears to be of both the boy and his father. Apparently from   what they could see, the boys father killed his son and then turned around and killed himself.

The investigators are waiting for Ruiz to get better so they can question her about what happened.

How can anyone harm a defenseless child, especially one that is your own flesh and blood? I just can’t understand this. It happens all the time and as one of my readers said, something needs to change. Somehow our children need to be protected more. I wish I had the right answer that would do that.

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the family of this little boy.

Jan Barrett

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