There aren’t many CD’s anymore that you can sit back and “experience” all the way through. But, the new CD “Stories in Black and White” by improvisational wizard, Bob Bralove delivers a colorful musical journey that deserves your undivided attention.

Bob Bralove is known for his work with electronic MIDI based sounds but in his first solo effort, he introduces us to his true passion: solo piano. “Stories in Black and White” was recorded from a series of intimate dinner parties that Bralove threw for a few close friends. Bob plays the consummate host by providing the musical backdrop for these culinary get-togethers. The evening’s menu included dinner with emotionally charged improvisational piano movements served up on his father’s 1916 Steinway Grand piano. Each track is a true conversational piece intended to shift the consciousness of the “guest”. After listening to all the tracks, I felt as if Bralove was sitting in my own living room serving me an 11-course meal, complete with tasty notes and delicious melodies smothered in a sauce of emotional resonance.

You know how a soundtrack creates the mood of a scene in a film; well Bralove in essence does this here, but in a much deeper fashion. It’s as if you are apart of the movie he’s directing. If you visit his website at , you can actually see the “movie” he has been creating for the past decade, Bralove has melded the visual arts with his music. He has been able to assign visual art scans to his keyboard creating a palette with 88 possible keystrokes. So every note he plays, you’ll hear as well as see. It’s as if he creates a visual narrative with its own soundtrack. It is quite an amazing experience when witnessed live. Check out a Dose Hermanos show ( ) and you’ll see what I mean.

Bralove, who has a Masters Degree in composition, studied with Pulitzer Prize winning composer, Wayne Peterson, focusing on composing orchestral and chamber works. He perfected his skills in the digital manipulation of sound, as the sound designer and computer music director for Stevie Wonder. Bralove then went on to create his MIDI wizardry for the Grateful Dead as well as produce and co-write Gold and Platinum selling songs with them. He is a key member (no-pun intended) of the keyboard improv group Dose Hermanos with Grateful Dead veteran, Tom Constanten.

Immerse yourself in “Stories in Black and White” and you will find Bob Bralove will take you places you have never been before.

CD’s are available at .

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