With it being a long weekend we have decided to skip our regular Sunday broadcast. Monday is Memorial day, a day that I do hope everyone will at least spare a few moments to remember and honor all of the fine people that have lost their lives in the pursuit of keeping America a safe place.

Both Jan and I want to thank everyone for their continued support for our coverage of the Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases, and you can rest assured that the whole gang will be back on June 6. TJ Hart, Denny Griffin, Peter Hyatt, and of course the Barrett’s wish everyone a great long weekend.

It is easy to view Monday as just a day off work and care little for the reason for the holiday. I also held the same view for many years, a day off, is a day off, who cares why.

There is a reason to care, a reason that every one of us should appreciate. My grandfather lost a leg in World War I, my father was torpedoed three times during World War II, the ships sank in the middle of the Atlantic, miraculously he survived, even though to the day he passed away he had not mastered the art of swimming. Regular people do extraordinary things when their country asks them to.

Please take just a few moments on Monday and honor the great people that have given their lives to give us what we have today.

I also recommend that you read there two articles, the first is just a DVD review, but a DVD that moved me, the second is an account of the final outcome.

Do not get me wrong, I am most concerned about our ‘here and now’. I care deeply about the plight of little children. Haleigh and Caylee have become a statistic, no child should be that. Equally no parent or wife wants to receive that awful letter or visit explaining that their son or husband is not coming back. How many people have heard those words? I may not agree with what is happening in Iraq or Afghanistan, but I deeply admire the young men and women that have taken on this quest.

Have a thoughtful weekend.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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