My wife claims that I know the strangest people. I disagree, I just seem to meet interesting people and for some reason we seem to get along. A great example is Charlie Boswell. I have known The Bos for about three years, every time I chat with him I learn something new. Today was no exception. It doesn’t matter how much you research an interview, you are going to find something that you didn’t know before. That might sound counter-intuitive, but it is not. Just like a lawyer in court examining a witness, an interviewer follows the same rules, never ask a question that you do not already know the answer to.

Of course when dealing with Charlie Boswell, all bets are off. You just never know where the conversation will lead.

Charlie has one foot in the technology camp, he is AMD’s Director Of Digital Media, his other foot is firmly in the entertainment world. He has worked with the biggest in the industry.

He has never admitted favoritism, but I suspect that one of his favorite producers is Robert Rodriguez. Robert relied on Charlie Boswell and his team to help in the recent box office smash Predators. And on September the 3rd the world is going to meet Machete. Once again, AMD’s Boswell team were in action. One of the things that I always enjoy about Charlie is his style of keeping a low profile. When I first asked Charlie about Machete he told me the story line, but little else.

Check out this is going to be another blockbuster!

Charlie Boswell is also a huge proponent of ‘the cloud’. What is it? Well folks. it is likely the most significant advance in computing ever!

The Bos doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walks. He is part of the team that has created a hardware and software solution called the Fusion Render Cloud. This is a scalable, blade like technology that is aimed at the world of online gaming. Need more power? Just add more ‘blades’, each one has 24 processors.

Charlie was not willing to share all of the technology involved, but I will go out on a limb and say this is the actual real life version of closely joining the CPU and GPU. The next step is joining them on the same chip. The press has been hot on this concept for quite some time.

You can listen in to the entire interview here.

This is just a pin prick of the interview. Enjoy, Learn, and Think. Todays computer world is far different from that of even a decade ago.

Simon Barrett

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