Charlie Boswell is the Director Of Digital Media for chip maker AMD. He is the liaison between technology and Hollywood. Business Week magazine claims that:

Charlie Boswell, a 51-year-old former songwriter with shaggy hair, may just be the biggest schmoozer in Hollywood these days

I disagree with Business Week, Charlie is a character for sure. I first talked to him about three years ago. The Bos, makes the Energizer Bunny look like it is in a coma! The Bos is the Tasmanian Devil on steroids!

About every six months I would once again get an exhausting telephone workout from Charlie. He is a man with a mission, a mission that I back 150%. He may be known as the link between Technology and the Entertainment world, but he is also a visionary. When The Bos talks, people listen.

I class Charlie Boswell as a dichotomy, he is part engineer, and part entertainer. You are as likely to find him talking the nits and grits of CPU’s, GPU’s, and every other ‘U’ as you are discovering him playing guitar in a jam session with someone that is a household name.

Although I have more than 30 years experience in the Computer world, even my eyes glaze over with the Nerdy things I read in the press. Each day there is some new nerdieness that is going to take over the world.

But why?

Why is the computer industry so nerd-centric?

I share many of Charlie’s theories, I guess we are Nerds in recovery! Maybe we should start Nerds Anomimous, a twelve step program to un-nerding the world.

Hi my name is Simon, I am a recovering Nerd

Predicting where a conversation with Charlie Boswell will lead is akin to picking the Powerball winning numbers. I do plan on trying (at least) to ask him about the recent box office hit Predators that I know he was involved in making, and the upcoming movie Machete. I have lots of questions, and I know The Bos will have lots of answers.

I am also hoping that we will have time to talk about ‘Cloud Computing’. This is a term that you hear in the tech press, but it is something that probably effects 95% of computer users. Do you Yahoo? Do you Gmail?, Do you Facebook? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you are part of the cloud but don’t quite realize it.

A project that Charlie Boswell is a key player in is the AMD Fusion Render Cloud. The technology is mind expanding. But the result is easy to understand, the Fusion Render Cloud takes the movie maker, or the game designer to a new level in reality and special effects.

Join us on Saturday at noon Eastern, the direct link is here.

Simon Barrett

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