It is going to be a busy weekend. On Saturday September 5 at 12:00pm Central (1 pm east) we will have our second exploration of the world of drugs in America today. Last week we explored the world of the addict and the world of the lawyers that represent them. Actually it was a little more far ranging, Mitch Stone represents people in all aspects of the drug world, Users, Dealers, Doctors, Pharmacists, and just about everyone else remotely connected to the street and prescription drug problem. We were also joined by Carlton Davis, a recovering crack addict.

This week my Co-host Armando Aldazabal and we will be talking with Dr Michael Provines who has a lot of experience with addiction and how to treat it from a medical standpoint. Dr Provines is the CEO of a treatment facility in Florida. This should be a pretty interesting program.

On Sunday Sept 6 at 3pm central (4pm eastern) we will be taking our weekly look at the Haleigh Cummings story. There have been a number of developments in the case in the last few days. These developments are certainly causing the case to unravel. On successive nights Nancy Grace (HLN) had Ronald Cummings (the missing child’s father)  and Crystal Shefield (Biological mother) on her show. Neither of these guests made much of an impression, other than having missed several years of schooling!

Tempers were running hot, I don’t think that Nancy Grace likes guests not answering direct questions. Actually Nancy is a lawyer, on air she never asks a question that she does not know the answer to, on air is just like the courtroom. When she gets blindsided or stonewalled, a certain amount of frustration tends to percolate to the surface.

TJ Hart of The Sky 97.3 and I ran a one-on-one earlier this week, you might want to check out the recording.  You might also be interested in last Sundays broadcast, as I am sure that some of the same themes are going to be hitting the microphones this week.

Even though this is the Labor Day weekend it seems that we will have the regular panel, and maybe some guests, you just never know who is going to make an appearance on this program.

Haleigh Cummings is still at the forefront of our quest. And we are not giving up!

As the announcement goes “Please make sure that your seats are in the upright position, and your tray tables are in the locked position.”

It will be an interesting program.

Simon Barrett

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