We have a couple of talk radio shows this weekend that you likely will not want to miss.

Tomorrow Saturday May/30 at 3pm central we are going to be exploring two cases, OJ Simpson and Drew Peterson. Our special guest is attorney Peter Haven. Peter is tasked with locating OJ Simpson’s hidden assets. I have talked to Peter before, and several times this week. Peter Haven is one smart cookie, I am glad that I class him as a friend. Sharp as a razor, I can’t wait to hear the latest on the hunt for OJ’s secret stash.

We will also be looking at the disturbing case out of Illinois, Drew Peterson. Peterson is an ex cop, and yet is now suspected of killing his third wife, and being connected to his fourth wife’s disappearance.

Drew sits behind bars right now, but seems to show no signs of remorse. In fact he called collect to a Chicago radio station and laughed and joked about his situation. Even more disturbing is the fact that there is little hard evidence against this man. A mock trial was enacted and the jury was hung.

Oh sure, it was just a ‘trial’ run, but it makes you think. With his experience in Law Enforcement he is better equipped than most to pull off the perfect crime.

On Sunday May/31 at 3pm Central we will be focusing in once more on the Haleigh Cummings case. This story has been mostly been dropped by the the MSM but a few of us are keeping the pressure on. It is often hard to know when to launch a story, our little group is pretty open with sharing information.

While I never know for sure who will be on a panel, it is looking like all of the big dogs will be there.

Just point your browser at www.blogtalkradio.com  a few mins before we go on air, you will see the show advertised on the main page.

As always, listeners are encouraged to call in and offer comments or ask our guests any questions you might have.

These are going to be two scorching shows.

Simon Barrett

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