We have two great programs lined up for the weekend and hope that you can join us to not only listen but also participate.

On Saturday at 11am central I will be sitting down with my good friend Charlie Boswell of AMD. This man has the best job in the entire world, well except for me that is 🙂

When it comes to making engines for computers there are really only two games in town, Intel and AMD. For three decades these two companies have been waging an ‘arms war’. Who can produce the fastest and best engines to put in that box on your desk. Today’s computers are far different from those in the 1980’s. Today’s user wants a box that does just about everything but make the coffee, and as the saying goes ‘I am sure there is an app for that’!

In my mind AMD have been more far sighted in recognizing the ‘multimedia’ potential of the computer, both at the home and commercial level. Music, Videos, Games, these are the apps of today. Charlie Boswell and his team are the people that pioneer digital music recording, movie production and special effects, his team is also responsible for the industry changing Fusion Render Cloud.

The odd thing is, Charlie is not a nerd! In fact he doesn’t much care for nerds. He just wants an easy to use end product. He will be talking to me about his involvement in the recent box office hit Predators, his long time collaboration with Dweezil Zappa, and his upcoming movie Machete.

To tune in, use this link.

On Sunday we will be running our regular program on the subject of Missing People. George and Cindy Anthony have once again opted to go on national TV to discuss daughter Casey Anthony and dead granddaughter Caylee Anthony. The sickly sweet interview was enough to make even the most rugged seafarer come down with a case of ‘Mal de mer’. In some quick discussions with one of our panel members today, I suspect that this interview is going under the microscope on Sunday.

Richard and Jessie Grund were both scheduled for depositions by Jose Baez yesterday. These were suddenly can celled, I wonder why? We hope to have the answer for you. Our investigative team are on it!

Today was a potential pivit point in the Haleigh Cummings case. The ‘drop dead’ date for babysitter/lover/wife/ex-wife/dope dealer Misty Croslin to enter a plea deal. Has she done it? We don’t know. The sentences handed down so far in the drug case have been brutal.

There was a vigil held earlier this week for Haleigh Cummings. Jan pointed out that it was interesting that none of Haleigh’s mother’s side of the family,  Sheffield’s, Griffis’s, etc. showed up . Before you all jump down my throat, yes, I know that the vast majority of the Croslin clan are in jail, but they are not blood relatives. What happened to the Sheffield’s? Where was Chrystal?

In the search for missing Pearl River man Zachary Pittman there have been no hard developments, but we are hoping that mother Christy Ragas will be joining us to bring us up to date on the case. What happened last Monday is a good question.

An equally frustrating situation is brewing in Reno, Nevada with missing man Eric Preimesberger. We will bring you the latest updates, but I think it is fair to say that confusion rules. A series of email exchanges that we received this week, have me aghast. I am hoping to receive some clarification from the lead detective before we go on air.

The direct link to the program can be found here.

Update: we do know the reason for the Non-Depo’s of Richard and Jessie Grund. It is too funny for words! We will have the whole story for your amusement on Sunday’s program.  I can only assume that Jose Baez and his dream team are just too busy filling in the expense forms for the tax payer to pick up than actually do any real work 🙂

Simon and Jan Barrett

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