Here is the latest update, all programs are subject to change, but this is about as accurate as we can be.

Friday October 23

10:00am central – An interview with filmmaker Michael McWillie. Michael’s new movie is on a screening tour prior to the DVD release on Nov/3. Gravestoned is quite the ‘B’ horror flick. Made mostly tougue in cheek it is a marriage of Cheech and Chong to Friday The 13th. You can read what Jan and I thought of the movie here, and the link to the program is here.

1:00pm central – An interview with author James Ventrillo about his new book Rick And Bobo.  Aimed squarely at the Young Adult crowd, James takes us into the world of would be superheroes. Batman, move over, there are some new kids on the block! I was talking to James about an hour ago, and I have come to the come to the conclusion that his life is nearly as strange as mine. You can find the review here, and the link to the show is here.

Saturday October 24

1:00pm central – Bounty Hunting 101: Piercing The Veil. The Bail Bond and Bounty Hunting business is one that gets a lot of air time, yet few people really understand it. What you see on the TV, is not what the real world is like. There are many grey areas in the law, and different agencies inturperet them in their own way. We will have several Florida based ‘Surety agents’ (in Florida they can not be called Bounty Hunters, it is a felony!) on the panel, and we will be taking a serious look inside the industry. This is not a segment for the squeemish. But you will learn a great deal, for example, under what circumstances can some guy dressed like a mercenary legally kick your front door in at 3am? Under what circumstances can you legally be thrown to the ground and cuffed?

There is also much grumbling inside the industry itself, because of the uncertainty contained in the legislation there are situations where they are the darlings of Law Enforcement, able to legally do things that Law Enforcement cannot, but equally they find themselves at the mercy of the agencies for no good reason.

More information can be found here, and a link to the program here.

Sunday October 25

3:00pm central – Haleigh Cummings & Caylee Anthony Update. A look back at the events of the last seven days. We will have our regular panel, and I am sure that it will be as explosive as normal. Both the search for Haleigh Cummings and the death of Caylee Anthony have captured the hearts of many in America. Florida seems to have become a hot bed for child abductions and abuse. It also brags a huge population of known sex offenders. Why is that?

TJ Hart of WSKY 97.3 has some ideas. While much of he US view Florida as Disneyland, and the urban meccas of Orlando and Miami, it is in actual fact mostly rural and sparsely populated. It affords cheap living, and it is easy for a sex offender to comply with the courts orders concerning proximity to children.

The link to this program is here.

We also have some future music projects that we are working on.

For 80’s music lovers the name Iron Maiden will be well known. Blaze Bailey has just released a new book. He also has a new double CD and DVD out. Reviews will be flying as soon as the goods make it across the pond, and Blaze will be on the radio with me.

Also coming in November are some other great music reviews and interviews. I will be talking to Joey Stuckey a blind jazz/blues guitarist from Georgia, and can this man play! I just listened to a ‘jazzefied’ version on the 60’s pop hit Whistle While You Work, this will be a great interview. And we will be featuring some tracks from his new EP.

I will also be talking with a New York prog rock band, IZZ. I don’t know much about them right now, but prog is what I love.

Stay tuned to BTR, we have something for everyone.

Simon Barrett

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