As a music lover this is a question that I ask myself on an increasingly frequent basis. Music tends to be categorized not just by genre but by decade. When you talk Rock, you hear people extol the virtues of the 60’s, the 70’s, and to a lesser extent the 80’s (just my view).

I recently had the opportunity to review Deadlines And Commitments by Trace Hacquard. The title is deceptive, the book is not about work, but about the state of Rock today. Trace asks the very salient question Is rock dead?

After interviewing Trace I was even more fired up on the subject. I walked away from the interview with even more questions than I had going in.

I thought some more about the concept, is rock dead?

Here is what I came up with, and I might well be wrong. Many of the great rock bands are still performing, but they are getting old. One of these days they are going to hang up their stage act perminently. Gone will be the 70’s forever. Who will take their place? Can you name a single rock band from the last 20 years that can fill a stadium like Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis or The Rolling Stones can?

I am playing the part of the Grinch on this Christmas special, I do believe rock is dead. It will be up to my panel to persuade me I am wrong. And I do have an awesome panel.

Trace Hacquard spent three months in the summer of 2006 chasing down the best rock in the US.

Billy James is the owner of GlassOnyon PR, a company that specializes in Rock promotion.

Armando Aldazabar, a very successful author and music producer.

Randy Pratt, the bassist for The Lizards, and a man that knows much about the state of Rock.

This is going to be one don’t miss program. Don’t worry, it is not going to be all doom and gloom, we will be looking for those new up and coming bands that represent the future.

To tune in, point your browser to at 2pm Eastern on Satyrday Dec/12 you will see the link on the front page.

Simon Barrett

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