We have two programs scheduled this weekend, at first they may seem to have little in common. Our Saturday program is an interview with an author. Our Sunday program will focus on the sad missing child case out of Satsuma, Florida, Haleigh Cummings.

Author Armando Aldazabal has written two books, What You Are Turning me Into and Cocaine Memoirs, both focus on the subject of street drugs. Neither book is judgmental, they focus on the view of the addict. Death and destruction follow the addict, yet the addict merely views death as another inevitable part of the search for the ‘high’. Both Armando and I have spent considerable time lurking on the outskirts of the drug world. I spent over six years running a computer learning center out of a large Homeless shelter. Addiction, death, and self destruction were an almost daily event. Armando’s books are stark reminders of this world that we do not understand.

Armando also happens to have just moved to the Jacksonville, Florida area, his previous locale was Satsuma. An area that he did not mind leaving. Satsuma is the small town that Haleigh Cummings disappeared from! When I asked Armando about his time in the Satsuma area, although he lived in St Augustine, he told a great story. The first day him and his wife moved into their new house, Armando was drinking some coffee and looking out of the window, he watched in horror as his neighbor came out wearing goggles and toting a rifle checked the mail box!

The Satsuma/Palatka area is a haven to the drug world and according to Armando a very dangerous place. His story did not surprise me, in the five months that we have been covering the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings we have heard many disturbing stories about this area.

You can catch this program at 3:30pm central Jul/18.

The Haleigh Cummings case has become almost an obsession, not a day goes by without some ‘under the radar’ information coming our way. And one component that just will not go away is the subject of drugs. There seems to be precious little that everyone agrees on, but one thing is that Misty Croslin had just come off a three day drug binge when Haleigh Cummings disappeared.

Everyone I have talked to paints a grim picture of Satsuma, Palatka, and that whole area of Florida. Rural and drug ridden. I find it odd, one normally associates the drug industry with large urban inner city areas, not rural ones.

Haleigh has now been missing for over 5 months. The question that we ask ourselves daily is ‘is this little girl still alive”? The answer to that question varies like the weather. Most of us hope and pray that she is alive, but where is she? Theories abound, I hear at least two new ones a week. Oh, and those are the credible ones, if you wander around the ‘Wild West’ of the Internet new theories are sprouting up constantly.

Our program on Sunday will be looking at the latest developments in the case, and for the most part they are depressing. Sources close to the case, as in family members are reported as saying that they have been told by law enforcement that effectively the investigation is back to square one. How can that be? That would mean that five months of hard work by investigators has been for nothing. A bitter pill indeed!

One very contentious subject is how offers of help have been rebuffed by Putnam County. Early in the search Tim Miller and his Texas Equusearch team joined in the hunt. Tim is no beginner in this business and has both the tools and manpower to assist in any search of this kind. Law enforcement apparently made it clear to Tim that his services were not appreciated. Tim left, preferring to concentrate his efforts in places he was wanted.

I have heard of several instances where individuals have wanted to assist in the search, only to be informed that the best way they could help was by going home. This is a strange tactic to employ. Usually help is embraced, if for no other reason that the publicity it generates. Keeping the case, and the picture of the missing child in the minds of the general public is a vital tool. Someone somewhere might have their memory jogged. A little gold nugget of information might come to light.

Putnam County officials claim to have received over 4000 tips relating to Haleigh Cummings, surely one of these tips must lead somewhere?

Join us on Sunday at 3pm central to hear the latest developments in the frustrating Haleigh Cummings case. To tune into either program just point your web browser at www.blogtalkradio.com a few minutes before the show goes to air, you will see the link to the live broadcast on the front page.

As always our phone lines will be open, and we invite listeners to call in with their questions and comments.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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