Once again we have a very busy radio schedule lined up for the next few days.We have some unique guests, and some very unique content.

On Friday June/4 at 1pm central we once again will be exploring the world of the American Mafia. No ‘talking heads’ on this show, just the real thing! I will be joined by ex Gambino crime family member Andrew DiDonato, and the Crime Doctor himself Denny Griffin. We are also going to be talking to a man with a very unique story. Jack Garcia was a 26 year FBI veteran, his last operation began in 2002, he went underground with the mission of infiltrating the Gambino crime family. He did it so well that the Gambino’s were on the verge of promoting him to ‘Made Man’. The FBI pulled the plug at that time!

Recently John Gotti Jr. decided to speak out in a 60 Minutes segment, both Andrew DiDonato and Jack Garcia were (and still are) ready to explode over the interview. Both are prepared to tell the real story, and it is far different from the one that 60 Minutes bought into! Listen in to the program here.

On Saturday at 1pm central we will be exploring the ever more disturbing War On Drugs. A war that most people in the know say cannot be won. We will have an action packed panel led by D. Alan Johnson. He has been at the sharp end of the war on drugs for many years. He is a pilot by trade and a private military contractor, he has worked in Central and South America, and various other parts of the globe. Pretty much he has worked under contract for all of the Washington ‘alphabet’ organizations, CIA, DEA, DOJ, etc. This man brings reality to a subject that most people know little about. Listen in to the program here.

On Sunday at 3pm central we will be running our regular update on the Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases. Our panel should be back up to the 100% level. And there is a great deal to talk about. Tommy Croslin has pled a ‘no contest’ in the drug case, but what does it really mean?

Last weekend saw a flurry of activity both here on Blogger News and also WSKY 97.3 as we released yet more Jail video and audio. Interestingly enough, we were the only news organizations to do so. The one conversation between Tommy Croslin and his wife Lindsay was pretty illuminating. I am sure that we will be discussing it.

The Caylee Anthony case continues to lumber along at a speed that makes you want to take up ‘snail racing’. Tot mom Casey Anthony fell on her way into last Tuesdays hearing and had to be treated for a chipped tooth! No doubt this will result in Jose Baez requesting tax payers money for a tooth expert to testify at the trial!

The link to listen in is here.

I do not have a firm date set, but either Monday or Tuesday we will be running a special program about the War On Terror. I am still finalizing the panel but it will include D. Alan Johnson who when not chasing down the major drug king pins is involved in ferreting out just who these people are waging terror. We hear much about Al Qaeda, but there are many other groups that also pose threats both here in the US and in far flung parts of the world.

I do hope that as many of you as possible will be joining us for these radio broadcasts. The one thing I can guarantee is that they will be interesting, and no holds barred! My panellists are people that like to speak their minds, and I am a host that lets them do just that!

Simon Barrett

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