One of the most popular series on TV is the Cold Cases show. They take a look at criminal investigations going back decades, and using re-enactments try to explain to the audience the crime that happened. In many ways the CSI series works in a not dissimilar fashion, we the viewer are taken inside the scientific world of Law Enforcement.

Sometimes though, DNA, and other high tech gizmos do not work. Sometimes cracking a case is pure luck. Certainly after almost 30 years one would suspect that a double homicide with no suspects is very cold indeed. A colder case I cannot think of. Certainly the police had tried their best at the time, but crimes happen daily, and this one just fell into the pot called unsolved.

Using nothing more than common sense, this case may well be now solved. The Police have reopened the case, and it should only be a matter of time before the truth is finally revealed. Justice in many ways has not been served, yes the likely killer did spend his remaining days in jail, but on a totally unrelated charge.

Tune in at 2PM CST by clicking on the Listen Live button, and we will reveal the whole story, my guest is the son of one of the two people senselessly killed back in 1981. His story is mind bending. The key to cracking the case is even stranger, a book, a biography made a reference to an event, one that only someone that knew what happened could say. From this one reference the case is once more alive and the police are dusting off the files.

We are putting this show together very quickly, and we are hopeful to have a couple of other guests that are knowledgeable about the case.

This is one radio show you will not want to miss. Fact is indeed much stranger than fiction.

Simon Barrett

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