There are some programs scheduled, and they all look fun.

Tomorrow at 1pm eastern I will be talking to the always interesting D. Alan Johnson. He will be Skyping in from a place that few of us would consider a great vacation spot. However he is there for business not pleasure. He has just published his latest book Secrets Of Buying And Selling Used Equipment. It may sound boring, but it is anything but boring! You can listen live to the interview here. It will be an interesting program. Flak Jackets and Hard Hats are strongly recommended.

At 6pm eastern I will be a guest on The Peter Hyatt Program. Peter will be exploring the disturbing case of the Hartley family. Does wife Tiffany Hartley know more than she is telling? I also have a sneaking hunch that Peter will want to explore another case. I’ll just play it by ear. The program can be listened to live through this link. I like Peter Hyatt, he has a sharp mind, what others might miss, he picks up on. His skill involves the written word. Much can be learned by reading what people write. I proof read all of my emails to him! You just never know!

Next Wednesday (Dec/15) I will be talking to singer/songwriter Tokyo Rosenthall. Toke (as his friends and mother call him) is a great guy. His music is wonderful, in fact I’d bet a dollar that we will be playing some on the program. Toke also is the only person that I have ever met that was handed the Keys to the city. Of course it had to be in January and the city was Edmonton, Alberta, and the temperature was approaching Absolute Zero. Toke (I hope) had his warm undies on. We will be broadcasting at 1pm eastern and the link is here.

I do hope that you will be joining us for some of these great programs.

Simon Barrett

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