It was another lively hour of talk radio at its very best. Our panel consisted of Jan Barrett, Ms Pickles, and the always interesting Denny Griffin.

There was a lot to talk about this week. The Caylee Anthony case has captured the hearts of many. A poor defenseless two year old toddler ends up dead, placed in a couple of trash bags, and thrown into a swampy area. Agatha Christie writes complex stories about murder, this one though is deceptively simple, and mother Casey Anthony sits firmly behind bars.

Of course Casey Anthony is shouting ‘I am innocent’ and much of the evidence released to date has been circumstantial, but there are precious few that support her claims. She has her dysfunctional family, and the legal ‘Dream team’ that are claiming ‘pro bono’ all the way to the BMW dealership. Lawyers are like leeches, you can bet your bottom dollar there is ‘blood’ involved.

Our show looks at some of the major events from the past week. George and Cindy Anthony (tot moms parents) were finally forced into depositions involved in a civil case. Both put on ‘spectacular’ performances. As Denny and I discussed on air, a deposition is not a fun thing to participate in, it is adversarial, it is an opportunity for a fishing expedition. However, it is part of the legal process, and has legal implications. Chewing gum, being rude, and otherwise being objectionable is most likely going to come back and bite you.

The ‘depos’ clearly show just how educated these dysfunctional grandparents are!

Also up for discussion, was it right that cop Richard Cain should lose his job?

The Bat Boat, a glorious piece of $30k worth of junk, and that $30k could have been better used by an organization like Tim Miller’s Equusearch.

400 pages of evidence were released on three DVD’s, there was a minor slip though. The audio of Casey Anthony’s reaction to being told about the discovery of a small body close to the Anthony home.

Will this slip be a problem for the prosecution?

We covered much more ground, and the best thing to do is listen to the entire recording of the show here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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