Jock Bartley is one of the founding members of the 70’s superstar group Firefall. The original band broke up in the 1980’s but Jock has been the loyal flag bearer of the name ever since. Actively gigging and recording, Firefall are still a force to be reckoned with.

2007 saw a reunion concert, where many of the original alumni returned to put in guest appearances, it also saw the release of a delightful acoustic album From Colorado to Liverpool, a tribute to the Beatles.

2008 has also been a busy year for Jock. He has become involved with the Go Green Initiative, which is an eco friendly organization that operates on many countries. Jock has graciously permitted Go Green use of his latest song Walk More Softly.

I had the great fortune to interview Jock Bartley on Blog Talk Radio for our Week In Reviews series. He is an engaging and likable man, and one that has a great outlook on life. Give the interview a whirl, oh, and you will also get to hear the Firefall Acoustic version of Elena Rigby, and the new song that is making big waves Walk More Softly.

Simon Barrett

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