I have just received confirmation that Richard Grund will be joining us this afternoon on our radio program about Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings. For those of you not familiar with Richard Grund, he is the father of Jessie Grund who at one point was engaged to Casey Anthony.

Richard and Jessie both cared a great deal about Caylee Anthony, yet both have come under attack from the Anthony family.

In what can only be called a sadistic move the National Enquirer are running a front page article about Richard Grund, and how he may have killed Caylee Anthony in some bizarre occult ritual. This story seems to have originated by some email traffic between PI Dominic Casey and Cindy Anthony that was released in the discovery process.

This is a program that you will not want to miss. Both the Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings cases have seen a lot of movement this week, Listen in and hear what our crack panel has to say on the latest developments.

To listen in, point your browser to www.blogtalkradio.com  a few minutes before 3pm central (4pm eastern) and you will see the link to the program on the front page.

Simon Barrett

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