The complaint in California was lodged by a psychologist Thursday with the California Board of Psychology. It alleges that McGraw was illegally practicing without a license when he did an ambush visit on Britany Spears in the hospital. 

And the act would have violated doctor-patient privilege when he began discussing Spears with the media had he been invited by the pop star in the first place. California authorities are investigating and we have dispatched a team to track down why it was the good Doctor allowed his license in Texas to lapse a couple years back. Most doctors we have learned who retire from active practice or quit seeing patients do not surrender their license.

Being re-credentialed requires having to retake or sit has its called for state examinations and active doctors are required to maintain continuing educational units.

While attending professional conferences and symposiums generally fulfills the requirement. The reasons doctor Phil gave on his T.V show for not having a license sounded rather skeptical to several members of the medical community we contacted for back ground on the story.

The major reason most doctors allow a license to lapse are to avoid having it taken away by the medical board said one licensed doctor we spoke with. Calls to the doctor Phil show were not returned as of posting and we will update the story when we have finished researching in Texas.

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