There have been some rumors floating around about the Haleigh Cummings case for a couple of days, I opted not to publish them without some firm back up. Well I have the proof now. My good friend, investigator William ‘Cobra’ Staubs has managed to find what no one else could. Some people have been casting doubts about Cobra’s involvement in the search for Haleigh Cummings, I can assure you that there is no one working harder on this case than he is.

The PSCO has made various conflicting statements about how seriously they took the jail house letter from Nay Nay Prevat. In fact at least one of the (way too many) people going on record have stated that it was complete rubbish, and went on to chastise the press for even fooling with it. Well, if that first letter was rubbish, why did PCSO go to such great lengths to drain the Mondex pond? Interesting that the letter turned up the very same day.

This second letter is also interesting, and no doubt will have Putnam’s finest reaching for the bottle of Tums. In fact the hot rumor is that Tums are in short supply in Palatka, the stores can not keep them on the shelves!

This second letter has a couple of interesting aspects to it, once again we have a reference to Misty being at a party the night that Haleigh Cummings went missing. A claim that Nay Nay denies in the letter. However it is the wording that I find interesting:

The detectives been interrigating me about Haleigh again. They said that Joe (the guy that Donnie knows that was going to sell me that Cadilac) told the detectives that me, Misty, Whiteboy Greg, and Ronalds kids were at Chads and Haleigh got a hold of some pills died and Whiteboy put her in my trunk and we dropped her off in a pond!  (spelling and grammar per letter – Editor)

Also interesting is her comment concerning the police:

They went and got my car from the junk yard and are doing some CSI shit with it.

You can read the entire letter here and here.

I have no doubt that this latest letter is going to be an active topic on our radio program this afternoon. Please tune in, it should be a lively show.

Simon Barrett

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