The booze ban in Ulan Baatar is now in its seventh day. Following the deaths of 14 people and the hospitalization of scores more from drinking tainted vodka the local government took the unusual step of banning the sale of vodka. His ban was then extended to all alcoholic beverages, beer and wine included.

BNN’s on the spot roving reporter Mark Scease has been covering this big news story and sent some pictures to us.

Stores have been forced to remove beer from their shelves, as these before and after photos show.


And those outlets with coolers, have been visited by officials who have placed official seals on them.

Meanwhile officials are conducting a thorough search of the entire city to identify and remove any suspect bottles. Ulan Baatar is not a great place to be right now if you are looking for a ‘cold one’. There is no word on how long this total booze ban will be in effect for, and already there is a growing ‘black market’ for booze.

Simon Barrett  

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