This is one radio show you will not want to miss. On Thursday Feb/26 at 5pm CST I will be interviewing Gregg Rolie live on Internet radio. Gregg is the co-founder of the original Santana band, and also Journey. Both of which are platinum selling bands. His vocals and keyboarding skills are world class, and unmistakable. Gregg is a Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee.

I am also very happy to announce that Blogger News have scored an absolute coup, a worldwide exclusive. Gregg has graciously given us permission to air two tracks from his as yet unreleased live DVD. This will be the first time these tracks have been played on the airwaves. Blogger News has scooped the big boys!

So hot is this buy cheap generic propecia news, that I don’t even know the names of the tracks yet!

If you loved Santana and Journey, you will want in on this program. There are few musicians that have had such a huge impact on popular music than Gregg Rolie.

You will be able to listen live to this interview on Blog Talk Radio.

I know Gregg has a huge fan base, so for fun, I am going to give the listeners a chance to ask Gregg a question or two. Leave a comment on this article with the question you would most like to ask him, and I will pick some of the best and get them included in the interview.

Simon Barrett

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