The amount of publicity that If I Did It received was huge. Not that anyone in their right mind was going to expect a great literary work coming out of the NFL’s answer to Charles Manson, but the mere mention of double killer OJ Simpson’s name always creates a reaction. If I Did It was an eagerly awaited book, it was supposedly going to contain the long overdue confession. Early leaks certainly had readers salivating for the gruesome details. There is one family though that has waged a long and drawn out war against OJ Simpson, and they certainly were not going to let the killer of their son Ron Goldman profit from his death.

The Goldman family once again went into the court room against OJ Simpson, this time winning publishing rights to the book, thereby preventing OJ from profiting from its release. However this victory has come at a steep price, the Goldman’s have been accused by some of being no better than OJ, that they are now profiting from the misery of the crime. For anyone that thinks that, please read the book. The circumstances under which they achieved the rights to If I Did IT are to say the least complex, involving in part a commitment to a Bankruptcy Court. Part of the profits from sales of the book are in fact indirectly benefiting OJ, they are helping to pay off the debts that the sham corporation O.J. set up to publish the book. Oh, and the word ‘Sham’ comes straight from the lips of the judge that presided over the case! The bottom line was that the Goldman’s had won and lost in the same round!

I had the opportunity to talk with Fred and his daughter Kim about If I Did It, and I have to admit this has to have been the most difficult interview I have ever conducted.

Thank you both for agreeing to talk to me. You have pursued OJ Simpson with a relentlessness that I can only admire you for. Was there ever a moment when you just wanted to give up?

Fred Goldman: Never!! We made a promise to ourselves and Ron that we would pursue ‘The Killer’ and force him to be accountable for murdering Ron. Ron could have run instead of staying to fight – we will also stay and fight.

Kim Goldman: Never.  It has never crossed my mind, that I have any other option but to pursue him.  He needs to be held accountable for his crime, we owe it to Ron. 

The original amount awarded in the civil judgment has more than doubled with interest since the ruling a decade ago, do you think he will ever make any attempt to pay it?

FG: He and his attorneys have both vowed to do whatever they can to avoid honoring the judgment. All scum – but we should expect that.

KG: Never.  He has made that clear, over and over again for 11 years since the civil judgment.

Kim a question for you, in some ways you are the silent partner in this battle, your father is who we mostly see on the TV. Yet as I understand it you are a driving force. How do you feel about this minor victory?

KG: I am proud of my father and the impact he has had – he has been my inspiration.  I don’t feel any more vocal or less in all of this … we equally feel motivated and empowered to fight this battle – and we are committed together, to pursuing the killer no matter what. 

I found the most revealing aspect of the book to be the commentary by Pablo Fenjves (ghostwriter) what did you think of that section?

FG: I feel that Pablo reaffirms what most of us believed. ‘The Killer’ is a narcissist and a sociopath as well as an abuser and murderer.

KG: I was not surprised by Pablo’s piece – I have been studying this man for 13 years, his behavior with Pablo is exactly who he is.  I thought Pablo shed an interesting insight into what we already knew, but to what the public I think did not know about the killer.

I watched, well at least listened to the criminal trial, the lawyers managed to turn it into a ‘gong show’, and the Judge did nothing to prevent it. The Civil trial at least got the correct verdict. But the harsh reality is, OJ has received no real punishment. What needs to change in our legal system?

FG: You need volumes of pages to list the changes that are needed. Start with – change the name from criminal justice system to victim’s justice system and do everything necessary to make the system reflect the name. Judges need to strictly follow the law, no defense bull theories allowed unless there is evidence to support, jury system needs a major overhaul – everyone must serve, no questioning the prospective jurors in order to stack the final jury with people either side believes will vote in their favor before ever hearing a shred of evidence. Tough penalties for violent offenders: life imprisonment for rapists and child molesters – don’t let them out so they can recommit. The death penalty for murders!! 100% of all violent crime is committed by approximately 3% of our population, leaving the other 97% of us to become victims. It is long past the time for our system to be more concerned with us than the criminals.

KG: This would take weeks !  I think the jury system needs an overhaul – I am not impressed with the notion that you can come up with “excuses” to not serve – it is the main reason we ended up with the jury we had – they were civil workers and were paid for their time off – this was not a jury of his peers as the law dictates … I wish Ito had more control, but I am not sure what law could have directed him to do that … I think sadly, we allow smoke and mirrors to have a strong presence in the courtroom, and that is unfortunate.  I am also not a fan of double jeopardy – if we had new evidence we should be able to use it to try and convict – I think it should work just like the appeals system does … they have new trials to exonerate someone, when they get new evidence, why should convicting someone have double standards.  I also think victims/survivors, need to have a stronger voice the “criminal justice system” in name alone, is one sided.

Obviously Ron can never be brought back; is there anything that OJ could do that would at least placate you?

FG: Placate No!! He could however, confess and demand to be put to death.

It seems that OJ Simpson may well get to spend his waning years behind bars yet. What are your thoughts about the Vegas situation?

FG: A very long jail sentence will be just fine. But, never lose sight that he got away with murder.

KG: I hope that if he is guilty, that he is treated the same as anyone else in his shoes — I would hate to see this drag on and on.  I have no idea what will happen, and can’t allow myself to even begin to wonder.  I will take it one day at a time.  Right now, my faith in the system is limited ….

One final question, in today’s ‘wired’ world, I am sure that there is somewhere people can go to find out what is happening with your quest?


I want to thank you both for taking time out to talk to me, and on the one hand I want to be happy that you are winning, but a much bigger part of me wishes that you had never been put in this position. Generally I interview authors, and I have done so many that I rarely have a problem finding questions. This interview was different, it was not about a work of fiction, it was about a work of fact. Facts that have changed a family forever!

FG: Thank you Simon.

KG: THANK YOU SO MUCH for your thoughtful questions and sensitivity … you are kind!  Happy Holidays.

Anyone with an IQ that exceeds their ‘Hat Size’, or has completed Grade two of school knows right from wrong. But being black, rich, and famous, apparently puts you above the law!

Simon Barrett

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