Well, lets put it this way, we have an account it is bloggernews, now call me old fashioned, but I don’t even know what Twitter is! But if Elen DeGeneres and CNN have fun with it, we decided that Blogger news should give it a try.

We are wide open to suggestions, one thought is that we could use this as an announcement service for new articles and radio segments.

And of course we are hoping that we will get lots of feedback from our Twitterers!

Ok, I have used up my sum knowledge of the service, maybe some kind soul can leave a comment explaining what it is we have just started. More importantly, why we should Twitter. Is Twittering useful, or not?

We were offered the option of annoying all of our writers with a Twit email, but I opted out of that. Both Jan and I agree that people should opt in, rather than opt out.

I do have a question for any experienced Twitterer that might read this ‘how do you stick a click here to twitter button on a site?’

I am so old that my hero’s include Leonardo De Vinci, Gutenberg, and Charles Babbage.

Well, thats it, see you all on Twitter, oh and please do take some time out to tell us how to Twit, or is that tweet? And the Twitter thing is http://twitter.com/Bloggernews

Simon and Jan Barrett

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