It is with great joy, yet the stigma that I have reached the lofty position of Grandfather is obviously weighing on my mind! I must be getting old! My son Paul and his lovely wife Josee have a child. Rowan Aesc Barrett joined the world last Saturday.



Congrats to Rowan, but he has a long road ahead of him. His father will have him on an overgrown skate board hurtling down a grim and steep slope before he can say dada. Aunt Laura already has the tattoo gear lined up for a quick ‘I love mom’ tat, and maybe a piercing or two!

Jan and I want to say welcome to Rowan. May his life be as rich and fulfilling as it can possibly be. If the Barrett gene is active, Rowan has a great and fun life waiting to unfold.

Proud Grandfather Simon Barrett

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