We like to introduce new features, we like to keep our readers happy. Unfortunately a small group has decided to target us. Silly move! Get a job and do something useful is all I have to say.

We have decided to turn moderation for comments, this is a decision that we have wrangled over for several weeks. A few troublemakers have created a problem.

I know that many friendships have been made through the comments. The odd thing about the internet, is the way it brings people together.

My plan is to turn on comment moderation, if a comment is about the subject it will approved. If it is off topic it will go in the garbage. Our plan is to turn the moderation on between tomorrow and the end of the week. So sign up now and get started with our new forum.

We are happy to announce that we have created a forum for everyone that wants to talk. You will need to register in order to participate, however no email addresses will be exposed to the public. This facility is feature rich. It does permit private emails, but be sure to read the warnings before sending messages to someone.

Click here, sign up and have fun.

We will be turning on comment moderation in the next couple of days, jump over there now.

Simon Barrett

If you wish to comment on this story please go to our new Forum Section.

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