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It was always a matter of luxury and status symbol to own a BMW Car in India. Now, BMW have decided to enter the Indian car market and start off with about 5 models – the 3-Series, 5-Series, 7-Series, X5 and the X3 Series. BMW is planning to hit the Indian Market within the first quarter of 2007.

The series thus covers the premium car market starting with the entry level BMW 3-Series, like the 320i which will cost the Indians about Rs. 27 Lakh (roughly US$60,000). Of course, the more premium 7-Series will cost about a crore Indian Rupee (roughly US$222,222). However, some of the 7-Series models (730ld, 740li, 750li and 760li) will be sold through the direct import route. They will also be part of the first introduction in India. The Assembly Route and the direct import route should reduce the tax and hassles to the Indian car buyers. 

BMW will start assembling cars in India next month and expects to produce 1,000 vehicles in the plant’s first year of operation, it said yesterday. The Munich-based company also said it would stick to its goal of selling 150,000 cars in Asia by next year, after sales in the region climbed 13.8 per cent last year to a record 126,949 vehicles. 

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