If you have been following the antics of the Americas Cup you will not be surprised by this court ruling. For those of you not familiar the thumbnail sketch is as follows. Allinghi really like winning the Cup, so much so, that they tried to set up the next one heavily favored in their direction, essentially they wanted control of not only the actual Americas Cup racing parameters, but also the rules concerning the Challengers Cup. To achieve this wonderful piece of deception they created a sham organization to be the Challenger of Record.

Needless to say this sleight of hand did not sit well with several of the other potential challengers, and the BMW Oracle syndicate decided to take the situation into the courtroom. Yesterday the court sided with BMW Oracle that indeed the Alinghi syndicate had pulled a fast one!

So the problem is solved right? Well not exactly. Now the problem is right back to square one. Now BMW Oracle and Allinghi must try to come to some arrangement amicably about the rules. If they cannot, then next July they will settle the matter on the water in a three race battle, winner takes all!

Good times! I love the Americas Cup, it used to about racing sailboats, but for the past decade or more the most fun has always been found in the courtroom.

Simon Barrett


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