Massachusetts is a liberal cornerstone of American politics. I don’t think anyone can deny that. However liberal we appear to the rest of the country, and the world for that matter, we’ve been under siege for many years by the Republican party. It’s a secret, or maybe just not well known, but for the past 16 years we’ve had a Republican governor of one kind or another. Weld, Cellucci, Swift and Romney. Until Tuesday. On Tuesday, Massachusetts proudly voted into office our first democrat African-American governor, Deval Patrick. Patrick skated to victory over Kerry Healey, the current Lt. Governor. She ran an incredibly nasty and rancorous campaign in a state where negative campaigning doesn’t work very well. She also spent 12.5 million dollars of her own money on the campaign. I bet her two children are a tad bit ticked about that.

Patrick has some very serious work on his hands when he takes over the corner office. Massachusetts mandated a universal health care for all policy without knowing how it would be paid for. It’s part of Mass Health, our state medicaid program, but unfortunately it isn’t a viable program for the poorest of Massachusetts citizens. However, it isn’t negotiable. It is against the law not to have health insurance, so people at 150% of the poverty level are going to have to pay up to $300/month for what they currently get for free.

Massachusetts has questionably lost population. Some studies say that we’ve lost up to 60K people, other studies refuse this, depending upon which data they choose to use. But there is no question about the loss of jobs and the lack of full job recovery. MA has a serious issue with ageism, especially amongst high tech workers. There are people that have been out of work for years and are virtually unemployable in MA due to their age brackets.

MA has a very serious housing problem. Housing is extremely expensive here, and home ownership is becoming almost impossible for the younger generation. There is a serious lack of affordable rental housing, and the list for Section 8 or public housing can be 20 years or longer in most communities.

While Romney was governor he slashed human services budgets to the bone and beyond. The Department of Social Services had their budget cut 80% on the last 3 years. They no longer can pay for summer programs for children under their care, nor can they help families with clothing allowances for kids. Many of the other social agencies tried to pick up the slack, but the largest private charitable agency in MA, Catholic Charities, is practically broke due to the Priest sex scandals and the payout to victims by the church.

It will be interesting to see how quickly Deval Patrick can address and begin to clean up the mess left by the Romney administration. My guess is that it’s going to be a much harder job than he expects and it will take years to recover from the Romney debacle.

Let us just pray that Romney doesn’t get the Republican nomination for President in 08, which he’s been campaigning for since his election in MA. We were just a stepping stone for him, which is why he could screw the state to the wall and then walk away without even campaigning for his Lt Governor. What a guy!

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