Jeff Bezos not content with becoming obscenely rich by founding has entered the space race. The Blue Origin project is a privately funded attempt at opening up space travel to the man in the street (although I suspect that a cruise in the Med will be cheaper).

The Blue Origin project is not the first private enterprise attempt at space travel, neither is it the leader. That honor goes to Burt Rutan, whose company Scaled Composites attained a suborbital flight last year with Space Ship One and won the coveted $10 million  X Prize.

Blue Origin based in a remote west Texas location have been very secretive about their race to the stars. On Tuesday they finally released some information regarding their progress, and very impressive it is.

The ungainly craft that looks like something from a 1950’s era grade B SciFi movie, blasted off successfully and attained a height of 285 feet. The absolutely amazing part was that it then returned to the ground in a controlled fashion, landing on its four odd looking feet.

This is ‘must see’ video. The Blue Origin website makes it clear that the company is on a recruiting drive, so if you have always wanted to be a rocket scientist, this could be your big chance!

Simon Barrett

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