Blue Elephants Vol. 1
The Alpha Edition
by M.P Johnston

This short graphic novel is quite astonishing really. Its rare that I have come across something so fundamentally bad on so many levels. The story line is appalling in its clichéd and trite. The art looks as if were taken from Second Life; as in the scenes were done in SL and speech bubbles were added.

The storyline for what its worth is about one man’s quest for the Blue Elephant flower which grows in the elephant graveyard. Interspersed in this story are snippets of the new world…with its one government, authoritarianism and destroyed environment. The tale ticks all the politically correct environmental science fiction boxes.

Maybe this will get better with the next volume. Currently its way to thin and cheesy to be of any interest. It reads like a pamphlet rather than a proper tale.

At least its a merciful 56 pages in length. If you love the genre of graphic novels you are best to avoid this tale.

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