Yesterday I received a phone call about the discovery of a file box full of personal information that had been found in a Florida dumpster. I passed the information on to my expert in the area of identity theft Robert Siciliano, this trash would have been a treasure trove for criminals. You can read his article here.

The good news is that the person who found the information was an investigator, William Cobra Staubs. No data will find its way into the hands of those that might use it for nefarious purposes. But it does bother me that personal data, Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers and scariest of all Social Security Numbers can be tossed in a dumpster.

I asked Cobra if he might be able to locate the source of where this data came from.

Cobra did better than that, he took some pictures.

This happened at a strip mall in Boca Ratan.


The company involved is Action Insurance Planners. LLC. You can see from their storefront they have spared no expense on advertising.
Taped to the door is the actual information.


You can tell from this picture that they are real neat freaks.

And of course we have to include a photo of the dumpster where the records were found.


What was in this box? Obviously I could not include a specific item, but this picture gives you an idea.


What shocks me is that what this company has done is not illegal in the state of Florida. Action Insurance Planners can throw out personal information and face no consequences. Obviously my recommendation is to be very careful who you share your information with. I do not believe that we have heard the last of this story. I am sure that Blue Cross Blue Shield will be reaching for the big bottle of Tums and dialing their lawyers as soon as this all comes to their attention.

Simon Barrett

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