Star Wars: The Clone Wars

I have enjoyed the Clone Wars animated series on Cartoon Network and via iTunes. I had not bothered to go see the Clone Wars movie. However, when I ordered a new Blu-Ray player I needed something to watch on it, naturally. As someone who has always enjoyed Star Wars over the years this really had a rather a low threshold for me to enjoy.

It was a good lark I have to say and the Blu-ray made it all the more impressive looking. It probably helped a great deal that I had been watching the animated series and enjoyed it. Its an involving story and it looks damn impressive on the screen. Lots of action and a decent story-line. Ironically the plot and voice-acting is probably better than some of the real life stuff in last few movies.

The Blu-ray includes all the extra things you would expect including a documentary on the making, cut-scenes, music, art, webisodes, trailers and even a quiz.

If you enjoy Star Wars and haven’t seen this yet then this Blu-Ray version is the excuse you need.

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