News Item:
Dracula’s Castle is for sale

Asking price?  $78 million.
I wonder how they established the true market value?
Are there comps in the neighborhood?

It is the real deal though, not a movie prop.  The fortress was built high up on solid rock, surrounded by mountains in southern Transylvania.  Yes Virgina, there is a Transylvania, in Romania, about 100 miles from Bucharest.  The movie producers didn’t make it up, and neither did Bram Stoker, who wrote the Dracula tale.

While the character in the book was fictional enough, the idea of such a blood thirsty, evil creature, was based on the real life shananigans of one Prince Vlad, the Impaler.  One can assume, from his nickname, he probably wasn’t the best of neighbors, but that’s actually a myth too.  Vlad wasn’t a close neighbor to anyone in the region.  As far as historians can document, he spent only one night in the castle, but to gain that type of reputation in just one evening, it must have been a heck of a party.

The village of Bran, where the castle is actually located, would like to buy it from the present owners, the Hapsburg family, but some of the townfolk feel the price is just a little steep.  Still, the head of the city council is planning a trip to Vienna, to talk to bankers about a loan.

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