Volkswagen’s announcement of its closure of a production facility near Brussels and the loss of 3,500 non-German jobs there was met with loud yawning and general disinterest in the German media and public today.

Normally, such Heuschrecken attacks are met with demonstrative Empörung (outrage) and cause a really big stir among the folks here, but for some strange reason this particular incident appears to be less threatening than usual. Some economic analysts and brainy egghead types have been scrambling for an explanation and have decided to go way out on a limb and attribute this reaction to the fact that it’s because German blood suckers are doing the attacking this time.

After all, Volkswagen is a brand you can trust. Everyone knows that the company is currently suffering with overcapacity problems in production and undercapacity problems in management. Well actually that undercapacity problem has been going on for the past ten, twenty or thirty years. But still. I mean, they have to eventually start cutting jobs somewhere, don’t they?

At least the locusts have already moved on from Belgium in the meantime. It appears as if they have not yet finished grazing, however. Latest word and modern radar tracking technology indicates that they are now on their way to another non-German location called Pamplona to finish off a VW factory there.

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