(04-09) 20:28 PDT SAN FRANCISCO — It was an Olympic-sized fake-out, and by the end of the day, instead of the violent clashes that some had feared, the Beijing Olympic torch run left only thousands of frustrated protesters on one end of San Francisco and mostly relieved runners and officials on the other.—San Francisco Chronicle

I was one of the thousands. However, after calling 311 every 30 minutes; and hearing a different route every time. I was frustrated. Then flabbergasted! The torch was running right past the outer sunset. Where I happen to reside. I immediately drove to Ross and bought a long-sleeved (sweatshop-made, no doubt) t-shirt. Ketchup from Lucky’s and markers. I found a box in the trunk of my car and I wrote “NO BLOOD MONEY FOR CHINA” I put the shirt on, wrote CHINA on it and drizzled ketchup all over. Then for my last touch I rubbled ketchup on my hands to symbolize corporate greed.

Now, I live in a highly Chinese area, and the looks I got were angry at first, then the closer I got to the corner of Sloat and 19th Avenue, the looks changed. I stood there with my homemade sign and waited. Lots of horns with drivers’ thumbs up. Then a group of high school students told me it had passed like twenty minutes prior. Head down I proceeded to walk five blocks to the car, still carrying my sign. That trip to the car was wonderful. Awesome, in fact. The first car that stopped was carrying two elderly black men. They said,”Right on, sister.” Then two elderly women walking stopped to talk to me about how the whole thing was unjust. Finally a car full of protesters with Free Tibet shirts drove my way and screamed and honked. I made eye contact with one who looked Tibetean. I wonder if he was. But when we locked eyes I understood. There are people who care. We just have to make it known. Paris and London did.

If anyone’s interested in starting a class action lawsuit against the city’s infringement upon our fundamental rights to organize and our freedom of speech, contact me.

When I hear pundits talk about letting it be just sports, I balk. Let’s go back in time.

1936. Hitler had come into power about three years earlier and saw the games as a way to spread his ideology Those games came very close to not happening. Due to politics. The Olympic games are a privilege.

Does China deserve this privilege? Historians look back now and are appalled that the games were held in Germany. Do people realize that those wondrous stadiums being built are being constructed with slave labor. They’re wearing flip-flops on construction sites and if asked about worker’s compensation, they’d probably want to know what you were talking about. Oh, and, they sign a contract that states they will be paid at the end of the jobs. So for the duration it takes to build these stadiums their families are going hungry.(www.democracynow.org)

Coco Cola, up there in the number of deaths as far as Latino union organizers go.

Americans still drink it. Huh, c’mon people use your brains.

The worlds not gonna change unless we change it. And since we live in this pseudo capitalist fascist state, our money is what counts. Shareholders are more important than the average citizen. But that is for a later blog. (Electoral College). you may buy this book here.

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