I cannot remember a period since my early memories of WW2 when I have seen such casual distribution of lies and smears — through the major TV sources of information for most Americans trying to make political judgments as to how they should vote in the national interest and that of themselves and their families.

We fortunately have a highly intelligent and caring president in the precarious times of economic disaster mustered by the Bush administration and his obsession with ‘wars’ to be fought with our over stressed military — more returning soldiers committed suicide this past month than were killed in both Iraq and Afghanistan!

Needless to say there is more at work here than simply Post Traumatic Stress. Killing innocent people — or even enemies — does things to people of conscience that haunts them to the point of taking their own lives!

Even Obama does not seem to see that there are no military answers to our problems now. We live in a globalized economy and our competitors who abuse their own workers are stealing our jobs from us. There is no simple answer to these job losses apart from using national funds to put our own back to work and pressuring such as the Chinese who are manipulating our job markets.

Worst of all are the treasonous actions of our ever more right wing Republicans who lie and smear their Commander-in-Chief under more pressure than even Roosevelt who had his Depression and ‘wars’ separated by a decade rather than compounding our national disasters in the making. I could not believe the other day learning that we have our military in 150+ countries tying down there about 1/3 of our military forces. Needless to say these countries do not love dominance by the American military although they don’t mind the financial benefits we pay them for the privilege. That is where our jobs have gone and where are deficits are situated in massive amounts.

I read a variety of sources daily. But rarely do I see our TV — main source of public information — telling things as they really are. We are being collectively conned as a nation by our super rich and things will now get far worse thanks to our Supreme Court’s blank card for our corporations to use their massive funds to elect their own lobbyists!

I see bad times ahead for our fading nation.

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

Ed Kent [blind copies]

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