A fun night out almost always starts with a drink. And once you start, the number of beers may grow to two, three, four, five, and so on, until you start losing yourself. If you’re a writer, you may be advised to refrain from writing while you’re drunk. But would it harm your writing?

Some people believe that alcohol may spark creativity and that your writing is at a whole different level when you’re drunk. Is that so? Let’s find out!

However, before we start, you might want to consider having a chat with some DUI lawyers and see if your need for creativity could get you in trouble. You should consider doing so, especially if you enjoy writing in cafés or restaurants!

Does Alcohol Help?


  • Drinking Alcohol Decreases Your Focus


The more alcohol you drink, the less aware you become of what’s going on around you. If you’ve been there before, you can probably still imagine yourself in that state of dizziness, where you were looking at someone talking to you, but you became lost in your thoughts.

Well, although drinking decreases your focus, it has a significant effect on your imagination, because it increases it. Your inner consciousness grows, so you may come up with more useful writing ideas than when you’re sober.


  • Alcohol Makes You More Creative


Have you ever had weird ideas in your head while you were drunk? Well, this happens because the brain ends up making unusual connections while you’re in that state, which results in the funny ideas in your head.

Therefore, these could always be great for writing, and imagine just how much originality could be found in your ideas.


  • Alcohol Boosts Confidence


While sober, you may not be too confident in specific ideas because they seem too weird, and you worry about what others may think. However, some people get a confidence boost from alcohol, making them more likely to write and have no care in the world about other people’s opinions. Some people find alcohol helpful when dealing with this type of anxiety.

Can Alcohol Also Hurt Writing?

Alcohol has different effects on everybody. Just because it helps some writers, it doesn’t make it a universal cure for creativity or problems with confidence. Some people experience different symptoms with drinking, which can have the opposite effect on writing.

For example, alcohol may cause sleepiness, something that doesn’t help with the writing process. You would only want to sleep, thus wasting time that could’ve been used for writing instead.

Also, although alcohol could boost creativity, it only works when moderately drunk. Once you start abusing the substance, your thought process becomes more blurry, and your creativity will be ruined instead.

Therefore, while alcohol is of help to some writers, the same cannot be said for all writers.

Final Thoughts

Even though alcohol may boost creativity when it comes to writing, it’s better not to end up abusing it. You’ll only ruin your health and hurt your writing in the process.

If you use alcohol to spark your creativity, always drink decent amounts, and don’t abuse the substance.

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