These are my real time thoughts as I watched the debate with some analysis as well as winners and losers.

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Charlie Crist is the nation’s most popular governor? Really? Could someone explain to me how that happened, he was only elected last November.

If they are going to announce these people onto the stage they should have theme music.

Did anyone think Ron Paul might get pyro or something when he came out.

Huckabee gets decent pop in St. Pete!

OK, Huckabee is running on the whole faith and conservative values platform, not just abortion…see this is why I can’t stand CNN…this will be a long night.

This is the most awkward beginning of a presidential debate I have ever seen.

I agree with their decision not to include the really stupid videos. This is why mainstream politicians don’t take my generation and the internet seriously.

And CNN takes a shot at Fox :::rolls eyes:::::

So they are starting with a song? Good lord, I didn’t think one of these dorks would get the open mic night at Yuk Yuk award.

Good first question and it looks like Giuliani is hitting it out of the park by pointing to the pragmatism of how NYC treated illegal immigrants. The truth is he’s right. If the Federal Government fails the cities, the cities have to find a solution that works. Living in NY while Giuliani was Mayor I can tell you that we were much safer on the streets during his time as Mayor. He must have been doing something right. And as usual Mitt Romney misses the point. He was also the Governor, not the mayor of single city. Sanctuary mansion? Ouch! Romney and Giuliani have done forgotten about the rest of the candidates. This is of course why Fox has time limits shmucks from CNN. How is this fair to poor Duncan Hunter : )

Thompson says no to amnesty…and there was much rejoicing.

Was that a crack about Bernie Kerick?

McCain still won’t call it amnesty…and there was much sadness. It’s fine that McCain said all that but nobody will believe him.

Tancredo really shouldn’t point to the fact that nobody remembers he’s there. See this is where Tancredo loses the sane people. You can’t shut down immigration altogether. The rest of his answer is fine with regard to the businesses and all but starting with shutting down the borders entirely and not letting any immigration happen loses half the voters if not more.

OK Duncan, nobody is arguing (on the right) that we shouldn’t have a fence. Instead of running for president, maybe you should start a construction company.

Well for those that like the compassionate conservative/pragmatist, Huckabee needs to be your choice.

Mitt Romney reminds me of the residents of South Park when they became smug from driving Hybrids. “We’re a better country than punishing kids for what their parents did.” You’d like to think so.

The sad part of that question is that if he did any kind of research, he’d have found an answer without having to paint Ron Paul as the conspiracy nut. Ron Paul (the non-interventionist) answered the question just fine btw. I just hope people understood him.

OOOOHHHH a national debt question! Hot Dog! Again, good answer I just don’t believe he can do it alone without congress with him. Mitt Romney is saying nothing. Giuliani is invoking Ronald Reagan again, I sense he’ll mention George Will any minute now.

Thompson sounds like a stumbling policy wonk. Ron Paul answers economic questions in these debates the same way. Finally, Huckabee answered the question correctly. Funny thing is Huckabee answered the question the way Ron Paul did back in May.

McCain is not for the Fair Tax. Well that certainly does separate him from the pack…in bad way. And McCain just kicked Paul in the nuts. Wow, invoking Hitler and the troops, nice. Well it’s good that he clarified (again) the isolationist question.

Nobody will raise taxes…better hope we don’t have another war. Duncan Hunter is the only one that got this right, you can’t make a promise when you have no idea what will unfold across the world that might require a tax hike.

Romney won’t eliminate the farm subsidies so my question to him is, what about the free market? Bill Maher is probably plotzing now. Giuliani got this partially right, you can’t cut farm subsidies in a vacuum.

I don’t care about Giuliani’s security issues and I’m not a fan of the personal questions.

I could listen to Duncan Hunter talk about China and them cheating on trade policy all day long.


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