It appears that the URL of has been blocked for access in India.

Some time back an article was placed by the undersigned regarding blocking of on which was ordered for blocking though there was nothing warranting such an order (See details in :

Though it was pointed out that there was a prima facie evidence that the company responsible for the blocking was itself guilty of hacking of Government web sites and was also using the names of Government departments to promote its own business, the DIT chose to ignore the evidence and actually worked to support the blocking rather than questioning the company.

There has been allegations recently that there is corruption in blocking of websites. (See article here: ).

More recently, ICICI Bank has been after Naavi and the articles published on and Now in a recent article, Naavi had published an open letter sent to the Governor of RBI regarding some issues of Punjab National Bank . Immediately after this has got blocked. It is not clear if this article was responsible for the blocking or not. May be an earlier article where Naavi had drawn the attention of CVC and CAG regarding rules framed under Section 43A of ITA 2008 was more to blame.

Whatever may be the real reason, it is clear that multiple agencies are at work in ensuring is not visible in India.

At least when China or Burma blocked sites, there were larger issues of political expediency for the ruling Governments. But what appears to be happening in India is that certain officials in DIT are taking arbitrary decisions and in due course the blame will have to be shared by the Government politically.

In a way India has become more repressive than China and Burma.

I hope some responsible persons such as diplomats outside India who see this article would inform appropriate Government heads about the implications of such irresponsible action by the Government officials and ensure that the officials are made accountable for such actions.

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