The news business is usually a pretty ugly one. As the old saying goes, good news doesn’t sell newspapers. Something horrible happens and we get flooded with two or three days of coverage, then nothing! The story loses it’s top billing and everyone moves on to the next disaster, natural or man made.

Some stories though deserve much greater coverage than what occurs. Case in Point, the story of little caylee anthony. A, then, 2 year old Florida tot goes missing. What does mom Casey do? she goes out partying, it is only after a month that a call is made to the cops. And the call to the cops is not even made by Casey but from grandmother Cindy Anthony.

Jan has been following the story from the day it broke.

We decided to host a talk radio show about it. Our guests? Well Jan and I talked about it, and Padilla has ignored my requests for an interview, I guess I just don’t have the star power of Nancy Grace. So we decided to invite the folks that have been commenting on our stories.

It is our readers that deserve the credit, without our readers there would be no Blogger News Network.

Our thanks go out to Pickles, who hung in there, I am sure she has never done anything like a radio show in her life! Good job Pickles! Also the infamous Mondo, the guy behind, an all around great guy (just don’t get on his bad side)!

We also heard from several of the other regulars.

If you missed the live broadcast you can listen to it here.

Jan and I say a huge thank you to everyone that participated.

Simon And Jan Barrett

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