It was a pivotal week in the case of missing Florida to Caylee Anthony, she is no longer missing, she is dead! Pretty much when the FBI labs say that someone is dead, they are indeed dead. The Anthony grandparents George and Cindy may not be entirely on track, but it is, what it is.

This weeks announcements were tragic, but not altogether surprising. For the past several months we have seen an increasing likelihood that Caylee Anthony lost her short life at the hands of her 23 year old mother Casey Anthony.

The panel consisting of Jan Barrett, Sean Kruase, Ms. Pickles, and myself, Simon Barrett, resolved little today. We talked about many aspects of the case, but there is one person that stands out, just because he is so incredibly dumb. I think Jan summed it up best “Baez’s tactics make him nothing short of an A$$hole”

My wife does not use profanity on a regular basis, she saves it for me, in private situations!

I have to agree with her though, Baez is probably the guy that you might contact to help you fight a traffic ticket, but anything more, just say no.

If you missed our live show, you can still catch the recording.

Simon Barrett

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