We have been following the political antics with great interest. There is in our opinion only one candidate worth endorsing, the Raccoon that visits the house on a regular basis. Let me explain the reasons for this decision.


Firstly, the Raccoon has much better hair than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The raccoon is well groomed and has a nice glossy coat. In fact he would do well on TV ads for hair products.

Secondly, the Raccoon does not have an email sever, he doesn’t even have an email account. He doesn’t attack people on Twitter, in fact he doesn’t use social media at all.

Thirdly, he has no SuperPac behind him pouring $millions into attack ads.

The list goes on and on, he doesn’t care if he is invited to take part in presidential debates, he doesn’t give long and boring speeches on subjects he has no clue about. He does have some theories about foreign policy that maybe align somewhat with Trump. It is important to maintain the fence keeping the neighbors dog out.

The raccoon keeps an open mind to the immigration issue, he is happy to share his space with the Armadillo and Possum that visit.

All in all the Raccoon is the perfect choice for 2016.

So I say 2016, VOTE Racoon.


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